Freshman Connection

Freshman Connection will be hosted at Lincoln Park High School over 4-weeks starting Monday, July 8th to Friday, August 2nd from 8 AM - 1 PM each day.  All incoming freshman that will be attending Lincoln Park in fall are expected to only attend a 1-week Freshman Connections Session (activities are repeated each session)

What is Freshman Connection

Freshman Connection is an exciting way to learn about Lincoln Park. The program is free and gives students the opportunity to:

  • Get to know your school counselor, teachers, and other support staff
  • Learn school expectations and graduation requirements
  • Practice academic success skills that will help you have a successful freshman year
  • Learn study skills and organizational strategies
  • Experience fun and educational field trips
  • Participate in games and activities
  • Learn to cope with the stress and anxiety of school
  • Learn and/or practice your route to and from school

Please use the links  below to select your preference for the week you would like to attend Freshman Connection at Lincoln Park.  Please remember that in addition to completing LP's Freshman Connection Preference Form you must also complete the CPS 2019 Freshman Connection Participant Application form for the district.

Complete the following Steps to ensure that your student has fully registered for Freshman Connection

Complete the CPS 2019 Freshman Connection Participant Application
Important for district-wide of the management of this Free program for all incoming 9th graders.
Note: If you have already completed “STEP 1”, proceed to “STEP 2”.
Lincoln Park Freshman Connection Selection System
All incoming 9th Graders are expected to attend ONE of the weeks. All week long sessions repeat.

More information regarding Freshman Connection will be available in mid-June.