Player Expectations

LP Soccer Player Expectations
Like any family, the LP Soccer Program sets appropriate 
expectations for its family members. 

All Soccer players will conduct themselves in accordance with these expectations:
-Go to class. Unexcused absences from class will result in suspension from games and practices.
- Turn in schoolwork in a timely fashion and stay academically eligible.
- Attend all training sessions, practices, and games. Unexcused absences from training sessions, practices, and games will result in suspension from games, practices and possible expulsion from the Team/Program.
- Having a lot of homework does NOT constitute an unexcused absence. Players are expected to manage their academic and athletic commitments with proper organization, planning, and time management.
- Participating in the LP Soccer Program is a PRIVILEGE not a right. Players are representatives of LPHS and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly on the field, at school, at home, and in public.
- There is ZERO TOLERANCE for alcohol use or substance abuse, whether performance enhancing or otherwise, and violation of his policy may result from suspension or expulsion from the LP Soccer Program.
- Demonstrate good citizenship, sportsmanship, teamwork, and LION PRIDE at all times. LP Soccer players respect their parents, teachers, teammates, coaches, game officials, game opponents, and most importantly THEMSELVES at all times.
- Play for their teammates, for themselves, and for the love of the game.