Visual Arts

The mission of the LPHS Visual Art Staff is to emphasize the value of the visual and creative arts that impact contemporary society. By exposing students to traditional art forms and digital media, we nurture creative expression and instill appreciation of the importance of the arts, and the impact that the visual arts have on our everyday lives.
We teach students to develop as independent artists through a variety of course offerings that emphasize global concepts, and IB ATL skills through exposure to areas of art, including but not limited to: Mixed Media, Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, IB Visual Art and AP Studio Art: 2D Design Portfolio (photo & graphic design options), 3D Design Portfolio and Drawing Portfolio. We present authentic art experiences that mirror the work of professional artists, designers and photographers. All experiences are rooted in the Artist Studio Habits of Mind. We provide a pathway for all students that express interest in the visual arts through Honors, AP and IB visual arts coursework. All students are encouraged to explore the visual arts as a career pathway or area of interest.

Visual Art is one of the earliest forms of communication, and the desire to express is innate to human nature. The Visual Art curriculum provides students with the creative and critical thinking skills needed for success in college, and the transition into adulthood. The world would be a pretty dull place if not for visual artists; there is a creative thinker behind everything that we interact with on a daily basis!