Remote Learning Hub

Welcome to the LPHS Remote Learning Hub! Below you will find some surveys to help us better understand your needs and to allow us to make sure we can stay in touch. Please review them and fill them out as necessary. 

To the right please see the various sections pertaining to remote learning. Of particular importance at this time is our Tech Resouces section which can help you get a school issues device if needed and also has information about free internet through Chicago Connect for those who quality. There are also some helpful guides and troubleshooting info and info on who to contact should you need further assistance. Check back often as we are continuing to update this section of the site with additional resources to help with Remote Learning at LPHS!

Remote Learning Feedback Form
Help us understand how we can make remote learning better this fall. Think back to how remote learning went this spring and let us know what we should STOP doing, what we should KEEP doing, and what we should START doing. Please fill out this form so we can do our best to tailor our remote learning structure in the most effective way possible. We appreciate any and all feedback!

Student Tech Needs Survey
As we prepare to start the upcoming school year with remote learning we are trying to get an idea of where our students and their families stand in terms of technology in order to determine how best we can assist those who may need additional resources.

LPHS Parent / Guardian Contact Info Update Form
Please fill out this form so we can make sure we have your current contact information in Aspen. This will also ensure you have access to Parent Portal.

Parent Portal Request Form
If you need assistance getting signed up for parent portal or gettting logged in please fill out this form and someone will contact you to assist.