LPHS Celebrates Black History Month!

Welcome to our 2021 virtual Black History Month celebration! We have championed the accomplishments of African American individuals whose lives and work improved the quality of life of others, made their communities, our country and the world better. So many people in the Lincoln Park community have contributed to the success of everything we organized. Each teacher at LP has at least 5 google classrooms that students interact with daily, so we adapted to our virtual reality and invited everyone to create Black History Month (BHM) banner art for the LP google classrooms! We also created daily BHM video announcements introducing and celebrating individuals who have made a difference, and teachers generously shared them at the beginning of their 2nd period classes throughout the month. Finally, we are getting ready for a virtual assembly and look forward to sharing the wonderful talents of LP students with you. 
The BHM Planning Committee:  Fayeze Salih, Destiny Amos, Knud Andersen, Ariyon Nesbitt, Martha Rivera, Elauna Harris-Jones, Ynei Moon, Frances Kargianes, Braden Morris, Marionna Saunders, and Dr. Weiner
We'd like to thank Ms. Martello, Mr. Hardesty, Ms. Mcleary, Dr. Daniels, and the many teachers who have helped to make this a success!
The slideshow below features over 100 banners created by LPHS students to showcase Black History Month. Take a look!