Each year at LPHS we strive to improve and enhance the use of technology at the school. Chromebooks low cost has allowed us to expand the amount of technology in the hands of the students dramatically. We currently have over 20 carts that are shared among the staff however every year we try increase the number of Chromebook carts we have as we move closer to our goal of having one dedicated Chromebook cart per classroom. 
In addition to the chromebooks we have an excellent library with 45 desktop computers and a ceiling mounted projector and sound system for presentations. Our auditorium and freshman building gym are also equipped with a high-end ceiling mounted projector system. Currently all classrooms are equipped with a projector, the majority of which have interactive capabilities.
LPHS is also home to several 3D printers which are used to enhance instruction.
"At Lincoln Park High School, students utilize 3D design and printing technologies to design scientifically accurate models of chemicals, proteins and other complex macromolecules, cells, tissues, organs, and mechanical structures. Also, students use creativity and design concepts to create props and costume accessories for cosplay, dramatic productions, and commercial use. Through the tireless efforts of both teachers and student leaders, every child at LPHS has access to both cutting edge 3D printing and access to the knowledge, expertise, and resources of our beloved university partners, the Office of STEM Education Partnerships at Northwestern University, and the Center of Biomolecular Modeling at Milwaukee School of Engineering." -John Cabey, M.A., LBS I STEM/Science/Specialized Services
"Computer science also allows us to explore the world of models and simulations. Our CS students utilize 3-D printers when they design and build their own community. Groups of future city planners use scale, existing images, and their own imagination to create unique communities. At the end of the unit they realize that they hold the world in their hands." -A. E. Smith, NBCT, Mathematics, Information Technology and Computer Science
All students also have a full subscription to available to them. is a leading online learning platform that helps students learn software, technology and creative skills.. Students have access to the video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.