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"Hatchetfield - A suggested Soap Opera for Radio" below.

Hatchetfield Landscape


Based on student suggestions solicited during these pandemic months, Hatchetfield is designed to pay tribute to two institutions which helped define the American entertainment landscape of the 1900’s: Radio Dramas and Soap Operas.

It’s Sheriff Dee’s job to protect everyone in town – from its richest citizen, Xenia DeVere, to Georgia Rose, waitress at the local pub. But lately she has had her hands full. A dangerous gambling ring is operating in town, her daughter’s boyfriend is driving her crazy, and surprise guests keep popping up for a 25th high school reunion- hers!

Listen up as the Lincoln Park Drama Majors transport you to a sleepy little town that – like so many of its inhabitants – is not always what it seems!


Tips for Enjoying a Radio Drama:

  • Gather the family.
  • Have snacks handy.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Turn off phones.
  • Get comfortable: flannel encouraged!
  • Close your eyes as the actors’ voices transport you to Hatchetfield.