LSC Overview

Check out the LSC Candidate Forum recording where you can hear the candidates' platform and vision for LPHS.
Check out the LSC Student Candidate Forum recording HERE

Elections take place on April 21, 2022, at LPHS! 


  •  Each eligible voter in the election for parent and community representatives shall be entitled to cast one (1) ballot and one (1) vote per candidate for up to, but no more than, any five (5) candidates in the election. Casting more than five (5) valid votes will SPOIL the voter's ballot, while casting fewer than five (5) valid votes will not. Voters may cast only one (1) ballot for parent/community representatives at each school at which they are eligible to vote.  

  • In the Staff Non-Binding Advisory Poll, each member of the school staff is entitled to indicate his or her preference for up to, but no more than, two (2) candidates from among both the teacher and non-teacher staff candidates on the ballot. Casting more than two (2) valid votes on the ballot will SPOIL the ballot, while casting one (1) valid vote will not. Voters may cast only one (1) ballot for the teacher and non-teacher staff representatives.

  • Students will vote for students 

Staff Eligibility to Vote on an LSC Election  

  • If a school staff member is not a full-time CPS employee or does not perform a majority of his or her duties at a particular school, he or she is not entitled to vote at the school. 

(The Principal is not entitled to vote in the staff poll and shall not in any way influence the outcome of the poll). 

  • Only full-time CPS employees are eligible to vote-Full-time food service and custodial employees employed full-time by CPS are eligible to vote. Any food service or custodial personnel not employed full-time by CPS are not eligible to vote.

  • A teacher or other full-time Board employee who works at a school more than fifty percent (50%) of their scheduled time is eligible to vote.

  • A teacher, or other full-time Board employee who works 5 days a week for the system and works at a particular school two and a half (2.5) days or less per week is not eligible to vote at the school.

  • Persons employed by third-party vendors who work in the school may not vote for Teacher/ Non-Teacher Staff 

The Local School Council is the governing board of Lincoln Park High School.
Its membership is comprised of parents, community members, teachers and students.
All meetings are open to public audience, except in cases of personal
personnel issues.
The LSC meets the second Thursday of each month at LPHS at 6:30 pm -- usually in Room 112 unless attendance is expected to exceed the room's capacity, in which case the agenda and/or signage posted at the school entrance will reflect any change. Meetings may also be attended virtually via ZOOM, via the link provided at the top of each agenda.   Each month's agenda is posted at least two days before each meeting on the board outside the school's main entrance, and is also distributed to our school community by email at the same time the agenda is posted.
If you have general comments, questions, concerns, or ideas for the LPHS LSC you may email [email protected] and someone will get back to you. Thank you!