Attendance FAQs


What should I do if I have to miss class?

Chicago Public Schools Policy States that students can be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Student illness
  2. Family emergency
  3. Religious holiday
  4. Death in the family
  5. Concern for student health or safety (must be approved by principal/principal designee)
  6. Other situations beyond the control of the student (must be approved by principal/principal designee)

There are two ways to report an absence.  A parent/guardian can report an absence by dialing the attendance line at (773) 534-8037 and speaking to staff or leaving a message.  The following information is required when reporting an absence:

  • Parent/guardian name
  • Student name
  • Date of absence or periods of absence
  • Reason for absence

Alternatively, a parent/guardian can complete an absence form here: LPHS Absence Form. Completed forms can be printed, signed and uploaded here or turned into the Main Office.  Absence forms with an electronic/typed signature cannot be accepted. Please review absence forms for accuracy prior to submission.

Per CPS policy, emails are not an accepted form of communication for excusing an absence.

Early dismissals require in-person pick-up if the student is under 18 years of age.  Phone calls cannot be used for student dismissal.

Thanks for your attention and cooperation.

What if there is a mistake on my attendance?

If you notice a teacher has marked you incorrectly, please contact the teacher via email and CC Dr. Hill ([email protected]) so that the mistake can be reviewed.

How can I view my attendance/my student’s attendance? 
Students and parents get view attendance in the Aspen Portal.

What do all the different codes mean?
A means absent unexcused                     
SF means school function
T means tardy
A-E means absent excused                                       
AUFD means unexcused full day              
AUHD means unexcused half day
AEFD means absent excused full day
AEHD means absent excused half day

Who can I contact when I have an attendance question?

Dr. Hill is LPs Attendance Coordinator. You can contact them via email at [email protected] or you can leave a message for call back at 773-534-8037.