LPHS Athletics Philosophy & Vacancies

The Lincoln Park High School Athletic Philosophy
To provide students the opportunity to use and develop their athletic talent while participating in competitive contests under the direction of qualified and dedicated coaches. The coaches will instill in student-athletes attitudes of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, and dedication. The student-athlete will be afforded the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop as a student first and as an athlete second; to integrate into their lives a sense of priority, commitment, and dedication that will prepare them for future challenges.
Coaching Vacancies:
Please email AD Tarver for all inquiries
Volleyball: Girls Freshman Coach
Football: JV Head Coach
Poms/Competitive Dance: Head Coach
Girls Swimming: Head Coach
Wrestling: Head Coach
Boys Swimming: Head Coach
Girls Bowling: Head Coach
Badminton: Head Coach
Boys Water Polo: Head Coach
Girls Water Polo: Head Coach
Boys Track and Field: Head Coach
Chicago Public Schools Athletic Coach Job Description

High School Athletic coaches instruct and work with athletes to prepare them form competition.  Coaches help athletes to play their best individually or as a team in sports such as football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, track and field, soccer, tennis and golf.  They are experts on the rules, strategies, and techniques of their sports.  Coaches must also know about sports equipment, physical fitness and safety.


The High School Athletic Coach will be held accountable for the following responsibilities:

  • Hold tryouts for students of a high school to attend.
  • By observing the students skills with trial and practices, decides who makes the tryout cuts.  With an organized team, the high school coach then begins to train the students throughout the preseason process.
  • Assigns everyone specific positions and comes up with drills and organized game strategies.
  • After the season starts, arrives at every game and guides their team throughout the match-ups.  If any necessary changes have to be made during the game, they will be in charge of authorizing and implementing them.
  • Continue this process throughout the year with different sports they are assigned to coach.

In order to be successful and achieve the above responsibilities, the High School Athletic Coach must possess the following qualifications:



To serve a member school as a Head or Assistant Coach, athletic coaches in member schools must:

  • Be regularly certified by the ISBE as a teacher, administrator, or school service personnel (i.e. counselor, social worker, speech therapist, etc., including substitute teachers), or
  • Be a retired teacher/coach from an IHSA member school, or
  • Be a college student coaching as part of an official student teaching assignment, or
  • Be at least 19 years of age, and
  • Be officially employed by the local school board of the member school.

In addition to the IHSA qualifications, the High School Athletic Coach must also possess the following qualifications:




Certifications. Completion of a certified HKCE, NFHS or other IHSA Board approved coaches certification program. Coaches must complete concussion awareness training and a Concussion Management Program Examination in accordance with IHSA requirements. 


Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must possess leadership skills, and be able to set an example for the players.
  • Excellent communication skills in order to inspire players and work with them on improvement.
  • Must be available to work nights, holidays, evenings and weekends, and be prepared to work in bad weather and be willing to travel with the team to different locations for games.
Level 1 Volunteer - Lincoln Park Athletics is looking for as many parents as possible to become Level 1 volunteers.  This allows flexibility for our coaches and aides Lincoln Park in meeting certain CPS requirements.  Among other things, Level 1 Volunteer Status allows parents to act as chaperones and drive athletes to / from athletic events.  To become a Level 1 volunteer please use the provided link.  Please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Vivian Troche ([email protected]), with any questions.