Lincoln Park is an “IB for All” International Baccalaureate School. Students entering the school participate in the IB Middle Years Program.  The philosophy of the IB Middle Years Program aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, internationally minded and caring students. Students engage in coursework and learning designed to meet their appropriate academic level -- standard level classes or honors level classes. Classes in the IB Diploma Program and Advanced Placement (AP) classes are available to students. 


A student is eligible to move through the academic levels (standard and honors) based on academic record and teacher recommendation. (Important note: for incoming freshmen scheduling and course selection, placement and diagnostic tests are used to inform decision-making around scheduling -- in addition to a review of elementary transcripts and the High School Admissions test (HSAT).) 


Every year, often in early-to-mid-February, students have the option to apply to transfer from their current academic program to another academic program. The “Request to Change Program of Study” application is open to all students, in all grade levels, and in all programs at Lincoln Park. 


For example, a student may move from standard/regular classes to some (or all) honors classes, or from honors classes into Advanced Placement classes or IB subject classes. Highly successful students may also apply to the IB Diploma Program at the end of freshman or sophomore year.


All classes have a college preparatory emphasis. There are support services and an ESL program available to students with unique and special needs.



All freshmen take seven subjects plus lunch: English, History, Science (Biology), Mathematics (Algebra or other appropriate math), World Language (Arabic, French, Mandarin, Spanish), Physical Education/Health or ROTC, and an elective in art or music (instrumental or vocal). For students enrolled into LPHS through the Performing Arts selection process, the seventh subject must be Music or Drama

All freshmen have their classes in the Freshman Building. This two story building on the west side of the campus is totally self-contained with classrooms, science labs, lunchrooms, a large gym, and computer lab. This smaller environment eases the transition from elementary school to high school and provides for more personal attention and supportive assistance. The Freshman Building is closed campus.