School Policies

Dress Code

Students must adhere to the following dress requirements:
A current LPHS Identification (ID) Card must be worn at all times
The following items are prohibited:
  •  Clothing with profanity, sexual content, and/or any tobacco, alcohol, or drug products or references
  •  Clothing with labels, symbols, and/or markings that display gang affiliation and/or are derogatory in nature.
  •  No “cut off” shorts or any shorts that do not provide what is commonly considered adequate coverage for a school setting
  •  Any shirt that does not provide what is commonly considered adequate coverage for a school setting
  • Any clothing that seriously disrupts the orderly educational process of the school

Dress Code Violations: Students in violation of the dress code may be given a verbal warning, or they may need to change clothes. Parents will be notified of the warning. Students who violate the dress code on multiple occasions will face disciplinary action that may include an administrative conference with parents/guardians and the loss of privileges to attend extracurricular school activities and functions.

Electronic Devices - OFF & AWAY POLICY

Students must turn off and put away all electronic devices upon entering the classroom and may not use the devices in class (includes charging) unless for classroom purposes as determined by the teacher. Staff members may confiscate any electronic device a student uses inappropriately during class. Students who violate this policy will face disciplinary action up to and including conference with parents/guardians, the loss of privileges to attend extracurricular activities and in-school suspension.

Identification (ID) Cards

A current LPHS Identification (ID) Card must be worn by students at all times. Student IDs must be current and worn in plain view. Students are not allowed to cover up, deface or alter the identification card in any manner. Temporary IDs are available at the entrances of the Main Building and the Freshmen Building. A $1.00 debt will be charged to any student in need of a Temporary ID. Replacing the permanent ID costs $10.

Internet/Network Use

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students may use the various resources provided by the CPS Network for educational-related activities. Parental consent must be given in order for students to be granted CPS Network privileges. Improper use of the CPS Network or Information Technology Devices is prohibited. Engaging in any improper use will result in the suspension of network privileges as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (SCC). Improper uses include:
  • Accessing, distributing, or downloading non-educational materials
  • Any unauthorized use of the network or IT device
  • Knowingly or intentionally spreading viruses
  • Intentionally avoiding or attempting to avoid network security through proxy servers, etc.
  • Intentionally causing or attempting to cause all or a portion of the CPS Network to become inoperable

Locks & Lockers

All lockers are the property of Lincoln Park HS and may be subject to random searches as necessary or warranted according to the Student Code of Conduct. LP students are assigned a locker and locker partner for the school year. Additionally, students must purchase and use an LPHS lock. Locks cost $10.00 and may be purchased in the Main Office. Any non-LPHS lock will be removed from a student’s locker. Students are advised to securely lock all of their belongings in their assigned locker and are prohibited from sharing their locker with students who are not assigned to it. Furthermore, students are responsible for all items in their assigned locker.

Lunch & Closed Campus

Lincoln Park High School is a closed campus. Only current, graduating seniors in good standing are permitted to leave school grounds during their scheduled lunch periods. Seniors must possess and display a current LP identification card in order to enter/exit the building during their lunch period.

Student Code of Conduct & Restorative Practices

The LPHS community expects the highest standards of honesty, ethical behavior, responsibility, and self-discipline from all students whether on or off campus; before, during, or after school hours. In partnership with UMOJA, LP uses Restorative Justice to address student behavior to get to the root of student issues, thus increasing in-class time and academic engagement. Restorative Justice also creates, builds, and sustains a sense of community which leads to increased rapport and accountability for all students and adults. Using the principles of restorative justice with the guidance of the CPS Student Code of Conduct, Lincoln Park HS promotes reflection, responsibility, restoration and reconnection.
  • Reflection: Understand the impact of your actions on self, others, and the LP community.
  • Responsibility: Take ownership of your words and actions.
  • Restoration: Repair the harm caused by your actions.
  • Reconnection: Rejoin your LP community.

Student Fees/Online Fee Payment

LPHS utilizes an online payment system called e-Pay Illinois for school fees including activity, elective and special program fees. This system allows families to pay quickly and securely. E-Pay Illinois/Lincoln Park is easily accessible from the LP website and available throughout the school year. Families may begin paying for the 2017-2018 school fees during QuickStart Summer Registration process in August 2017.

Debts/Fines: Students who accrue fines/debts throughout the school year are responsible for paying those debts as they occur. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of accruing debts. Examples of items a student can be charged for include: Temporary IDs, ID card replacement, damaged or unreturned books/material, damage to school property etc.