LSC Members

Eric Steinmiller | [email protected]
Parent Representatives
Alicia Hernandez | [email protected]
Ted Smith | [email protected] (Secretary)
Peter Talmers | [email protected] (Chair)
Laura Yepez | [email protected]
Sasha Zanko | [email protected]
Amy Zemnick | [email protected] (Vice Chair)
Community Representatives
Paul Kendrick | kendrick.[email protected]
Brad Kessler | [email protected] (Open Meeting Act and Freedom of Information Act Officer)

Teacher Representatives
David Coddens | [email protected]
Sandra Koehler | [email protected]
Non-Teacher Staff
Anjelica Sepulveda | [email protected] 

Student Representatives

Akoya Love
Jane Rosenthal
Alexander Torzewski

If you have general comments, questions, concerns, or ideas for the LPHS LSC you may email [email protected] and someone will get back to you. Thank you!