Outreach & Fundraising

Part of our goal as a team is to reach out to others to encourage participation in STEM. Moreover, outreach is a fundamental aspect of promoting the FIRST organization's values and principles. At LPHS Roarbotics, we believe that our purpose extends beyond merely designing a winning robot and succeeding in competitions. We are committed to sharing our passion for FTC and robotics with the wider world, promoting and nurturing the field for the benefit of all.


Powerplay Outreach

This year we hosted FTC meet at Chicago City Championships for the first time!
team photo match randomizing
LP Roarbotics visited local middle school with a FIRST presentation in the winter.
la salle la salle la salle
We participated in district outreaches in Chicago and hosted a robotics summer camp in our school.
district outreach camp camp
We created and coded our own custom Snapchat filter to further spread the word of our team.
snapshat filter kandy mr bentley


Effective fundraising is predicated on cultivating relationships and facilitating open communication. To ensure success, it's important to have a well-defined mission statement, assure supporters of a strong return on investment, and engage in consistent outreach with the broader robotics community.

Our Mentors

Our coach mentors have strengths in actual engineering, information technology, basic building and communication. They make sure we plan our robot through CAD design, as well as encourage team spirit and push all of members to enjoy participation.


Last season LP Roarbotics made sure to showcase our generous sponsors on Illinois State Champinoship. Jones have graciously sponsored us 2022-2023 FTC season. We shared the most amazing soda from Jones Soda Co with other teams on the field. We would like to thank Jones for their incredible support that helped us progress to FTC Illinois State Championship and purchase needed supplies for our robot!
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