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School Counselors 

Mr. Baker, Counselor (MB 114J)

Ms. Belawich, Counselor (MB 114E)

Ms. McLeary, Counselor (MB 114D)

Mr. Merle, Counselor (MB 114G)

Ms. Murphy, Counselor (MB 114F)

Mr. Phelan, Counselor (MB 114H)

Ms. Rucker, Counselor (MB 114C)


Other Support Staff Members

Mr. Golebiewski, Director of Culture and Climate(Peace Room, MB 208)

Mr. Johnson, Dean of Students (MB 113)

Ms. Shotwell, Youth Intervention Specialist (FB 163B)

Mr. Mario, Youth Intervention Specialist (FB)

Related Service Providers

Mr. Ferguson, School Social Worker (MB 307B)

Ms. Sturges, School Social Worker (FB 163A)

Mr. Fish, School Social Worker (MB 031)

Mr. Trotto, School Psychologist (MB 114K)

Nursing Office (MB 131E)