Auditioning for the Drama Major Program

The Drama Major Program at Lincoln Park High School is a truly unique four-year program which allows students to explore all aspects of theatrical production, while developing skills critical to success in any number of professions.

Students audition to become part of each year's incoming freshman class. Each incoming class remains together throughout its four years at Lincoln Park. 

The curriculum focuses on different aspects of Drama each year. Freshman year, students concentrate on performance. They perform scenes from a variety of plays, give speeches, and learn the essential skills of successful improvisation. As Sophomores, students study technical aspects of theatre, including lighting, sound, costuming and set design. Acting theory is also part of the tenth grade curriculum, as they read works by David Mamet, and Michael Shurtleff. In the program's third year, students write short plays and learn about the history of Theatre. Seniors concentrate on directing and producing - staging a play as a class project, and directing a series of short scenes. 

Throughout the four years students are trained to develop as critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, team players and outstanding communicators.

The Drama Major Program stages two full-length plays each year, in addition to the senior-directed one-acts. The plays produced attempt to reflect the widest possible range of writing, performance and production styles. 


This year, all auditions will be conducted in person. Available dates and times will be available through GoCPS

Each audition consists of performing a monologue, and sitting for a brief interview afterwards.

In preparation for the audition, students should rehearse and memorize a one-minute monologue from a play, a novel, a book of monologues, a book of can even be something they have written. 

The student's chosen monologue SHOULD NOT be taken from a movie or television show. 

Drama Majors need to be effective communicators. Consequently, the interview portion of the audition process is every bit as important as the monologue. Students should not attempt to prepare for the interview. It will simply be an opportunity for them to answer questions about themselves. 


On the day of your audition,….


The entrance to the parking lot is on the north side of Armitage Ave., just east of Halsted. (At 3:30p, the lot may be full, but spots will open as many teachers leave at 3:30pm. If the lot is full, I recommend traveling east on Armitage to Larabee and turning left, then left again on Dickens. There should be some non-meter spots there. Otherwise, there are metered spots on Armitage.)


You should see a mall area between the two buildings on our campus. You are heading to the larger of the two. The main entrance (just north of the smaller building) has six doors, and a wheelchair-accessible ramp. Once inside, the security staff will direct you. The auditorium is not far away!



Please let Mr. Frellick know if you have any questions about the audition process. [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Lincoln Park High School!