The Office Plays Cast Lists

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The Office Plays Cast Lists


The Receptionist


Beverly – Elke Holst

Lorraine – Sami Dennis

Mr. Dart – Nelson Simmons

Mr. Raymond – Gunner Goodwin



The Thugs


Mercedes – Sophia Rolloff

Elaine – Angelica Reyes

Diane – Savannah Thames

Mary – El Russell

Bart – Solomon Schultz

Daphne – Mary Malito

Chantal – Klaire Mendoza

Joey – Xavier Herrera



THANK YOU to all who auditioned!


Rehearsals begin next week.


TUESDAY, September 5th – Read-through for The Receptionist @3:30PM – ALL CALLED

WEDNESDAY, September 6th - Read-through for The Thugs @2:30PM – ALL CALLED