Welcome to the Arabic Language Department at LPHS


Marhaban! My name is Federico Luque Macías and I teach Arabic and Spanish at Lincoln Park HS. If you are interested in the Arabic language and would like to know more, please check our video section and the tab Why study Arabic at LPHS? 

! هيا بنا


Federico Luque Macías was born in 1974 in Seville, Spain. He has been teaching Arabic and Spanish at CPS since 2015. He holds a Ph.D. in Arabic language and literature with an International Mention from the University of Seville, with a dissertation on the translations of the Thousand and One Nights into English, Dutch and Spanish, directed by Roger M.A. Allen from the University of Pennsylvania. He also earned two M.A.’s in Interculturality and Arab-Islamic World and in Translation (with specializations in literary, legal and clinical Arabic and English), and two B.A.’s in Arabic and English Philology. In 2014, he received the ESOL Teacher of the Year Award from Cambridge University. He is currently a member of the executive committee of the Chicago Arabic Teachers Council, associate member of the University of Chicago, chapter lead of the LPHS Arabic Honors Society and member of the PPLC at Lincoln Park High School in Chicago.