College Athlete

In Lincoln Park's ongoing efforts to help guide the student as much as possible during his time at LPHS, this page contains links to information that should assist both the student-athlete and the parent during the college athletic recruiting process. Our hope is that it helps to answer some questions about playing sports in college.

CLICK HERE to visit the NCAA Eligibility Center's official website.
CLICK HERE to access the Division I Initial Eligibility Toolkit
CLICK HERE for answers, facts and tips regarding NCAA college-bound student-athletes.
CLICK HERE for the NCAA Eligibility Center's quick reference sheet.
CLICK HERE to download the NCAA Eligibility Worksheet. (COMING SOON)

Recruiting 101

  1. A student-athlete must take ownership of this process. The coach can only help/guide in this process.
  2. Learn about the recruiting process for your sport; official/unofficial visits, contacts, calls, Clearinghouse, etc...
  3. Academics play a key role in recruiting. A good transcript gives a student-athlete more options.
    • The more A’s & B’s the better.
    • This “doing my best” mindset must begin in the student-athlete’s freshmen year.
    • Know the eligibility requirements
  4. College Guidance will be very instrumental in this process.
  5. Mr. Baker and your coach will be very instrumental in this process.
  6. Hudl/video, what a college coach evaluates, can be very instrumental in the process.
  7. Go to camps, combines, showcases, etc... The student-athlete must get his/herself seen. In most sports, the sooner the better. But understand, his/her profile – speed, quickness, skills, becomes what s/he does, not what s/he says they can do. Back to point 3. .