Financial Aid Presentation from October 5, 2022


Thank you to Savannah Johnson the Illinois Student Assistance Commission for coming out and sharing information to the LPHS family.  Here is the link to the presentation last night, along with the link to the LPHS Slides with the info to contact each of the counselors.  We hope this presentation is informative and helpful.  We will be having an ISAC rep come to the school to work with families individually.  As soon as those dates are set, they will be published.  Also, counselors are available to answer questions as they arise.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to the counseling team with any questions or issues.



The LPHS Counseling Team



Learn Plan Succeed is a Chicago Public Schools graduation requirement that is due June 4th. Follow these steps to complete this graduation requirement on Naviance:

How-To Videos:

SY21 LPS Pathway & Evidence Completion Video

What Evidence is Required - Video

Steps to complete LPS:

  1. Log onto your Naviance by going to - scroll down to the yellow box and click “Student Login” and login using your CPS username and password
  2. On Naviance homepage, under “Important To-Dos and Tasks” click on “SY21 LPS Pathway
  3. SY21 LPS Pathway is part one of a two-part task. Here you will complete a short 4-question survey where you’ll identify your intended postsecondary pathway. Submit survey when finished.
  4. On Naviance homepage, under “Important To-Dos and Tasks” click on “SY21 LPS Evidence
  5. SY21 LPS Evidence is part two of a two part task. Here you will upload your required evidence based on your intended pathway - Evidence Process Map. Submit after uploading. YOUR EVIDENCE MUST MATCH WHAT YOU INDICATED IN THE SURVEY! For example, if you tell us you’re going to DePaul University next year, then you must upload a piece of evidence showing that you are going to DePaul, it cannot be a financial aid letter from a different university. If your evidence does not match what you reported in your survey, then we cannot sign off on this requirement.
    1. College - Financial Aid Award Letter or Confirmation of Completed College Application (acceptance letter, confirmation email, etc.)
    2. Military - Enlistment contract or Confirmation of Application to Military Branch
    3. Employment - Employment Offer Letter or Confirmation from an Employer or Search Engine Indicating Receipt of Employment Application (screenshot from job application site)
    4. Job Training Program - Acceptance Letter or Confirmation from Job Training Program Indicating Receipt of Complete Application
    5. Apprenticeship - Acceptance Letter or Confirmation from Apprenticeship Program Indicating Receipt of Complete Application
    6. Gap Year Program - Acceptance Letter or Confirmation from Gap Year Program Indicating Receipt of Complete Application
    7. Other - talk to your counselor if you think you fall into this category

After completing both steps of this requirement, your counselor will check that the information reported in the survey matches what you uploaded as your evidence. If they match, you will be marked “Complete” for the LPS graduation requirement. If they do not match, we will be in touch to get accurate evidence.


Illinois Financial Aid Graduation Requirement - Each senior must complete one of the following:

  1. 2021-2022 FAFSA
  2. Alternative Application for IL Financial Aid
  3. Or completing the ISBE Non-Participation Waiver Form stating that you will not be completing a financial aid application. The waiver can be found in the email attachments, to be signed and emailed to your counselor.
Seniors - Please fill out the Google Form below to request official transcripts for your college application process.
If you would like SAT scores reported on your transcript, complete the form below and return it at any time. If you do not submit a completed Opt-In Form, your SAT scores will NOT be reported on your high school transcript.