Visual Art Magnet Program

2025 Visual Art Audition Requirements
Visual Art audition portfolios are submitted online via Google Form. The form is accessible through the ADMISSIONS link on LPHS home webpage. The documents attached below this section provide detailed information about the Visual Art Major audition process. 
OCTOBER 2nd, 2023 - LPHS Audition Portfolio Submission Form OPENS
JANUARY 7th, 2024 - LPHS Audition Portfolio Submission Form CLOSES @ 11:59 pm
For application information, and to schedule an audition for the "Class of 2028" art major cohort, please click here

If accepted, Art Majors will begin their visual art journey at LPHS in an MYP Art I-H cohort class to prepare them for a focused study in intermediate and advanced art course work. The Visual Arts Magnet Program teaches students to develop as independent artists through exposure to areas of art, including but not limited to: Mixed Media, Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, AP Art & Design and IB Visual Art.


We present authentic art experiences that mirror the work of professional artists, designers and photographers that are rooted in the Artist Studio Habits of Mind. We provide a pathway for students that express interest in the visual arts through Honors, AP and IB coursework to develop a college-ready portfolio and the skills to successfully transfer into Art School or a University Art Program. Art Majors also have the option to enter the IB Career-related Programme pathway in Visual Art at junior & senior year if they are interested. 


We look forward to seeing your work! 


Email [email protected] with audition questions specific to the LPHS process.