IB MYP Curriculum

"Each MYP Subject-group framework encompasses specific aims and objectives.  The aims of all MYP subject groups state what teachers may expect to teach and what students may expect to experience and learn.  The objectives of any MYP subject group state the specific targets that are set for learning in that subject group.  They define what the student will be able to accomplish as a result of studying the subject.  Each objective is elaborated by a number of strands; a strand is an aspect or indicator of the learning expectation.  The objectives of each subject group represent the use of knowledge, understanding and skills that must be taught.  They encompass the factual, conceptual, procedural and metacognitive dimensions of knowledge."
(MYP From Principles into Practice, 63-64)
To learn about the MYP subject groups offered at LPHS, and the learning objectives for each subject group, please click on MYP Subject Group Objectives