Fundraising and Support

We believe that LPHS Boys Soccer is a FAMILY, which includes coaches, teachers, parents and players. For those members of the LPHS Boys Soccer FAMILY who want to help support our team, we can use your help! 

We welcome whatever support you can provide, whether financial or otherwise. The program is specifically looking for help in the following areas:
  • Fundraising via the LP Soccer Boosters
  • Logistics support - e.g., moving goals to Diversey Meadow, arranging for storage at Diversey Meadow and at Oz Park for equipment, etc.
  • Web Site Management & Design
  • Team pictures!
  • Social Media for LPHS Supporters (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Tournament Management
  • Medical & Athletic supplies
  • Equipment
We also are still looking for more Student Managers. We would welcome one or more current LPHS students to be Student Managers for LPHS Boys Soccer. Must be willing to commit to at least three days a week. There are one or two spots available for students who wish to help with administrative matters like paperwork and web site management. Must be reliable, consistent and committed. 

If you are interested in helping out, please email Coach Ruttenberg at [email protected]. Thanks for your help!