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First Day and First Week of School Resources and Information
Important Information and Reminders: Student Schedules
  • Student schedules are viewable in Aspen (for students) and Parent Portal (for parents/guardians)
  • Students should always follow their schedule in Aspen/Parent Portal
    • Some student schedules have been updated/changed since Quick Start -- always follow your schedule in Aspen for the most up-to-date schedule
  • <update> In an effort to encourage the use of Aspen/Parent Portal and to respect the environment, we will not have hard copies of schedules
    • All students should access Aspen for their schedule; parents/guardians can also access their student's schedule in Aspen/Parent Portal
    • Support will be available for students who do not have access -- support will be available at the entrance to both buildings (Freshman Building and Main Building)
  • Tip from upper class students (seniors and juniors) at LP: Take a screenshot of your schedule in Aspen (from your cell phone), including room numbers
    • Cell service isn't always the best at school, so having this screenshot saved on your phone/device will be helpful
    • Also consider taking a screenshot of the FB or MB maps (or have them saved on your phone) to help you navigate during passing periods
Submit Required Start of School Year Forms

Freshman Handbook and Bell Schedule

Tips for a Successful First Day and First Week


Arrival and Class Transition Map

  • Review this map that shows entry locations for the Freshman Building and Main Building
    • The map also shows routes for transitions between buildings, using door 8 to the Freshman Building and door 6 to the Main Building

Supplies for the First Week of School

  • Individual teachers will share supply lists for their classes during the first week of school
  • As a starting point for the first few days of school, we suggest bringing the following items to school each day:
    • A fully-charged device (personal laptop or CPS-issued Chromebook)
    • Laptop charger 
    • Writing Utensils (Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, etc…)
    • Notebooks 
    • Folders 
    • Calculator 
    • (optional, but encouraged) Water bottle
  • During the first week of school, all freshmen will receive a planner to help them stay organized!
  • The planner has a calendar and tips and suggestions to help you stay organized and have a successful freshman year!


  • Lockers will be available to freshmen the first week of school
  • Additional information will be shared during the first week of school

CPS Email Account Reset/Password Support

Counselor Assignments

  • All freshmen/first year students at LP have an assigned counselor
  • Counselor assignments will be shared with students and families in the very near future


  • All students are provided free breakfast in the Cafeteria
  • Breakfast is available in both buildings starting at 7:30 a.m.
    • If you need help locating the Cafeteria in the FB or MB, don't hesitate to ask an adult -- or check out these maps for the FB or MB


  • Your lunch period is determined by your schedule
  • All students are provided free lunch in the Cafeteria
  • There are two Cafeterias at LP: the Freshman Building Cafeteria and the Main Building Cafeteria, review the maps for more information
    • All freshmen will eat lunch in the FB Cafeteria
  • Please note
    • Freshmen are not allowed off-campus lunch, they must remain on campus for lunch
    • Ordering food to be delivered to LP is not allowed and will be refused

Student IDs and Ventra Cards

  • Thanks to everyone who took their ID picture at Quick Start! 
  • If you did not take your ID picture at Quick Start, visit the Library (in the Main Building) during lunches (starting August 21) to take your picture
  • Remember: Student IDs also serve as Ventra cards for the CTA!
    • Students receive discounted fares when using your student ID on the CTA
  • For students who took their ID picture during Quick Start, we anticipate Student IDs/Ventra cards to be ready for distribution during the end of the first week of school
    • All other IDs should arrive about one week after you take your picture
    • IDs will be delivered to students through one of your teachers

Missed Quick Start? Need your ID Picture Taken or a Chromebook?

  • If you did not attend Quick Start, stop by the Library (in the Main Building) during your lunch period to have your ID picture taken
  • Once you take your ID picture, it takes about one week IDs to arrive; when IDs arrive they will be distributed through one of your teachers
  • Chromebooks will also be distributed in the Library during your lunch period -- look for signs in the Freshman Building with more information! 
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